The Optimal Tool to Manage Visits at Your Premises.
  • Get rid of the paper log book and check in your visitors with ease.
  • Improve security by keeping a database of all visits.
  • Analyze visitor data to improve customers service and security.

How it Works.

It couldn't be easier to get started. Review our features, follow the simple steps below and give your visitors the best reception.


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Set up your Tablet

Download YouCheckedIn from play store, enter your generated code and start welcoming your visitors.

Host Notification

YouCheckedIn notifies your hosts when their visitors arrive. This makes it easy for hosts to directly contact their visitors.


A visitor experience starts with an equally great first check-in experience. We are here to empower you to make that best first impression on your visitors with a professional and efficient check-in solution.

Simplified Visitor Check In Process.

YouCheckedIn allows you to capture visitor's details, photo, connect visitor to host by SMS or email and sign-In visitor.

As your visitors Check In through the mobile app, their details are stored in a secured online management portal, providing you with real time information and reports.

Simple and Reliable Web-based portal

YouCheckedIn web-based system is simple and reliable. It allows you to assign roles, view logs on arrivals of visitors, access emergency evacuation lists, manage visitors and staff, pre-register and schedule meetings and manage multiple locations.

During regular auditing, our system goes the extra mile to give you the reports you need.

How it helps?

With YouCheckedIn, you have full control of how you want to present your business and also customize the welcome screen to reflect your company and brand identity. Know more!

Quick Deployment

The deployment of YouCheckedIn is easy so there is no need for concern over losing valuable time during the transition.

Improved Communication

With the integration of several communication tools, the system makes communication faster between hosts and their visitors.

Saves time

Helps receptionist boost their productivity level, by reducing the time and effort required to manage visitor processes and accurately organize data.

Evacuation Management

If evacuation mode is in effect, YouCheckedIn automatically sends emergency notifications to all hosts and visitors in the building.

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